Turtleback FAQs

Turtleback Books are prebound, hardcover editions of books. Our high-quality binding significantly extends the life of the book, resulting in dramatic long-term cost savings. 

Turtleback Books are primarily intended for libraries and schools. Our durable bindings exceed Library Binding Institute standards and stand up to the heavy use associated with libraries and classrooms.

We only sell to wholesalers and resellers serving the library and school markets. (Note: If you’re a librarian or teacher, ask your favorite distributor for Turtleback Books.)

Turtleback Books are sold through these great retail and wholesale companies: 

AEP Books & Media
AKJ Books
Alran Books
Amazon.com(search Turtleback)
Ambassador Education Solutions
Apple Books
Baker & Taylor
Barnes & Noble
The Book Carriage
The Book House
Bookworm Central
Bountiful Books
Cavalier House Books
Changing Hands Bookstore
Davidson Titles
DLB Educational Corporation
Dodge Learning Resources
Eastern Book Company
The Elliot Bay Book Company
Express Booksellers
Gardner's Book Service
Great Lakes Book Company
Great Lakes Book Distributor
Green Valley Book CompanyGuardian Book Company
Idaho Book Fairs
Illiana Educational Products
J Appleseed
Keystone Books & Media
Lake-Cook Distributors
Learning Opportunities
Left Bank Books
The Library Store
MBS Textbook Exchange
Magers & Quinn Booksellers
Midwest Library Service
Mississippi Library Supply
National Textbook Services
The Oliver Press
Pegasus Press
Phonenix Book Company
Possum Grape
RB Books and Media
Richardsons Books
Sebco Books
Unique Books
United Library Services
Utah Book Fairs
Whitehots Canadian Library Services

In-stock items will ship within 24 hours of order placement. And we’ll complete your order in less than 45 days from date of order.

Our catalog is made up of the most popular and frequently requested library-bound / prebound titles. We’re always adding new titles based on customer feedback and new releases.

We’re happy to report that’s not likely. But just in case, all of our products are guaranteed for workmanship and quality of materials for the life of the book. If one of our products does not meet your expectation of quality, it will be replaced free of charge.

Absolutely not. We have full EDI (Electronic Data Interface) and ASN (Advanced Shipping Notification) capabilities to make ordering easy and efficient. And don’t forget about our Customer Service team. Part of their job is to make your experience with Turtleback Books painless and pleasant.

Call or e-mail us. We have the ability to bind virtually any paperback book in print. We’d be happy to help you decide whether getting the book from us is your best option.

There’s a good chance we will. Our title list has been built based on the needs and buying trends of our customers.

Don’t worry! We have worked hard to ensure a seamless transition for our customers. You will continue to receive the same great products and customer service.

Please contact us, we're happy to help:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 800-831-4190
Fax: 800-543-2745
Mail: Perfection Learning, 1000 North Second Avenue, P.O. Box 500 Logan, IA 51546-0500

Starting April 5, 2019, all purchase orders should be sent to Perfection Learning using the following contact information:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (800) 831-4190
Fax: (800) 543-2745
Mail: 1000 North Second Avenue, PO Box 500, Logan, IA 51546-0500


None. Yes, you read that right. As Turtleback transitions to become a part of Perfection Learning we aren’t planning to change any previously agreed upon terms. This means your discount, customer number, shipping methods, etc. will remain the same. The main differences will be where the books will be shipping from and where to send your purchase orders.

Perfection Learning will begin accepting orders starting April 5, 2019. No shipments will be made the week of April 8-12th as our team will be transferring inventory. Our warehouse will being fulfilling orders the week of April 15-19th.

If you submitted an order before the April 5th cut off date and the materials were not on backorder Turtleback should fulfill them as usual. If your items were on backorder you’ll need to resubmit a purchase order with Perfection Learning. There will be a small number of past orders that Turtleback will not be able to fulfill due to inventory transfers. If this occurs for your company Perfection Learning will contact you directly and make arrangements for your order to be processed.

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